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Do you ever wish there was one website that gave honest reviews for parents about movies, books, and more? Well there is!

Keeping up with the media that our children are consuming is one of our hardest jobs as parents. There is one website that I go to almost daily to help me be on top of my game! I truly believe is one of the best tools for a parent’s tool box. They have great insight for parents on video games, movies, books, TV shows, apps, websites, music & more. The website gives you very detailed info such as exact words, situations and scenes from a movie, so you can be prepared before you hit the theater. They even offer some family talking points to use for books & movies.

Awareness is the key in helping our children navigate their media choices.

I am personally not a parent who just says “no” to everything that’s questionable. I choose to have very intentional conversations with my children about the books they read, music they listen to, movies they watch etc. I find that this leads to the best “teaching moments” and helps them make wise choices when I’m not around.  I hope this resource is a blessing to you, as it raises your awareness of what your kids are reading, watching, playing & listening to. Arming ourselves with wisdom is never a bad idea! In this world of non-stop media consumption, it helps a parent be on top of their game and not be overwhelmed!

Check out Common Sense Media’s Parent blog as well, it offers lots of great insight into today’s media choices.

You can also download the Common Sense Media app to your devices.

Do you have a favorite resource you use to stay on top of technology and media? Share it in the comments.





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