Mother's Day Struggle

It’s Mother’s Day week & everywhere I go I see little trinkets & cards with the word Mom on them… and if I’m being honest I find myself looking at them with disgust.

Let’s face it most of us have some type of Mother’s Day struggle.

Why? Two Reasons…

REASON #1: It seems a little trite to sum up motherhood with a cute little saying on a card or a gift. Now to be clear, when my child thoughtfully picks out one of those gifts or cards for me, I do treasure them & will proudly display them! My kids have distinctly different personalities & the cards/gifts they choose for me usually show off those personalities. So when they choose words on a card, I can tell they are thoughtfully chosen that for me, which is incredibly special.

But I think what gets me is the words are often “too much” (they give me too much credit that I don’t deserve) or they are “too little” (they don’t even come close to expressing all that I do). How’s that for honest… but isn’t that often how we feel as moms? Either not enough or under appreciated or sometimes both on the very same day, right?

This Mother’s Day, I encourage you to be content with YOU! Don’t get lost in the comparison game. Soak in all the words from those cards and let them lift you today, and try to remember those words on the rest of the days you feel “not enough” or “under appreciated”, because let’s face it one day of appreciation is NOT enough to keep us running for the entire year!

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REASON #2: It reminds me that Mother’s Day is SO HARD for some women! I lost my mom a few years ago & each year that goes by my heart aches a little more that she is not here to be celebrated by me & my kids. So yes, the cards & gifts that bombard us this time of year remind so many of what they don’t have! If you still have your mother, this is a great post by my friend, Jess that speaks to my heart. Whether it be a loss of a mother, loss of a child, or many other scenarios, Mother’s Day can be a sad time for many. So I also encourage you to remember those that might have a tough time with this special day.

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Whatever feelings you have about Mother’s Day, let the peace of Christ surround you today & Give those feelings to the Father & let Him speak truth into those places!

Have a Mother’s Day memory you want to share? Share in the comments below.



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