Facing Your Fears

Facing your fears, that’s a scary thing to do right, but if you are reading this, then my guess is that you want freedom from those fears! So let’s press on friends. This past year, I have faced some of my biggest fears head on and in doing so, I feel like I’m more confident in who I am and in who God is than ever before. All the while, I’m experiencing glimpses of FREEDOM from the bondage of fear in my life!

As blunt as it sounds, I am tired of hearing women say, “I can’t”, “I won’t”, “I will never”, “I don’t”, “I’m not”…. the list goes on and on. Trust me, I get it, I spent years saying those statements to myself and to those around me. Even now there are days I still let a little fear creep in, and those statement ring in my ears. But I’m happy to say that most days I am walking in freedom and I want that for you too!

Here’s my challenge to you in 6 easy steps… just kidding they are HARD, but oh so worth it…

1. Think about one of your “fear” statements. “I’m afraid to …………….”

2. Speak it out loud for God & the world to hear. By the way, God already knows and He knows that fear is keeping you in bondage.

3. Spend some time in prayer today and ask God to reveal one small step you can take INTO that fear. Remember He wants you to be FREE.

4. Write down your “fear” statement & the step God has revealed to you. Share that step with a trusted mentor, spouse or friend.

5. Boldly take that step INTO your fear and trust God for the outcome, good or bad. It may not look pretty right away or ever, but the obedience is beautiful and inspiring to those around you!

6. Start back at #1 and do it all over again.

God is in every little step and before you know it, you will look at your life and realize that you are doing something that you said you would never do and God will get all the glory as people see you live that out!

Facing your fears is the beginning of finding God’s freedom.

This is a journey, my friends and if I’ve learned anything over the last few years, it is that each little step leads to another. There will be days that you take a step backward and that’s OK, that’s where God’s grace comes in. Just don’t give up, He is there to pick you up and walk beside you every step of the way. I’m living proof! Read about some of the fears I have stepped INTO this past year HERE.


Facing Fears

What tiny (or big) step can you take today to embrace God’s calling on your life & face your fears?

I would love to walk with you on the journey of facing your fears, share your step in the comments below.



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