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As busy moms, our time is valuable and we are often finding ways to multi-task. One of my favorite ways to multi-task is to listen to a podcast while doing dishes, laundry, cleaning the house, or driving. I have found podcasts to be such a source of inspiration, encouragement and wisdom for me in my marriage, parenting, friendships and spiritual growth.

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Personally, I listen to a VERY wide variety of podcasts…parenting, spiritual, inspirational, business and more. A few things to know if you are new to podcasts:

  • Don’t feel like you have to listen to every episode every week (although there are some I do look forward to every week)
  • Subscribe to several different kinds of podcasts so when you are ready to listen you can scroll through to find a topic that fits what you need that day.
  • Take the approach of learning and broadening your circle of awareness, you will not agree with everything in every episode. If you keep an open mind, you might gain something from it.
  • On the flip side, don’t be afraid to abandon an episode if it’s truly something you don’t relate to or enjoy.

My main suggestion is to get yourself a pair of wireless headphones so you aren’t attached to your phone while you listen. You can have a cord free experience as you move about while listening to podcasts.

Here’s some options:

My all time overall FAVORITE podcasts:

I have several podcasts that I listen to faithfully. I am always inspired and encouraged by these women!

Here’s a few of my favorite PARENTING podcasts: 

When I’m feeling at the end of my rope with parenting… I love to gather inspiration from others. I don’t listen to every episode but I will find a topic that’s interesting to me and jump in.

Here’s a few of my favorite MARRIAGE podcasts:

Again, I don’t listen to every episode, but these are good nuggets of wisdom for strengthening your marriage.

Here are my favorite Spiritual Growth & Leadership Podcasts:

The Relevant and Catalyst podcasts are great ways to keep up with culture and see how it interacts with our faith. There are also some good sermon resources here.

Public Interest Storytelling Podcasts:

This last category is not for everyone, in fact most of you might not even enjoy these. But I also enjoy some podcasts that aren’t spiritual at all. Warning: some episodes have strong language & deal with adult content. These are intriguing if you enjoy a look inside the judicial system, public interest stories and good storytelling.

Do you have some favorite podcasts?

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