Abide App Review

This week, I found a new prayer app called Abide. If you struggle some days to find the words to pray, the Abide prayer app might be helpful for you. The prayers are actually spoken word, some will consider listening to prayers a little hokey, but the content is spot on.

This is a screenshot of the home screen of the app with Featured Prayers to choose from. There is background music behind the prayers, the app allows you can change the song or turn the music off altogether (which is what I did). You can also receive daily text reminders to listen to the prayer of the day.  Most features of this app are free, but there is a paid version that offers more options like the prayer guides.

Here’s the features of the App:

Prayers divided by topic to fit your needs :

Abide Topics

Search by topic to choose based on your needs for the day.

Prayers read by Well Known Speakers: 

Abide Authors

The list of speakers that contributed to this app is rather impressive.

Prayer Guides to follow along with (PAID version):

Abide Prayer Guide

There are also prayer guides to follow to kick start your prayer routine.  For full access to these, you must have the paid version.

If you are a busy mom, that struggles to find time for guided prayer, listening to a quick prayer in the Abide app might be just for you.

Click HERE to download the FREE Abide App.

Do you have an apps that you use to help in your prayer life? If so comment below, we would love it hear about them.