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Buying gifts for older kids can be tough… so we’ve tried to compile unique gift ideas for teens, the post for younger kids is HERE.

I’ve found that we have to push past their desire for cash and gift cards to find things that truly fit their personalities. Tweens and Teens can be incredibly hard to please… but if you are looking to give something beyond a typical gift card, take a look at these options.

First off, we love gifting experiences…these are memories that last longer than your typical toy!

  • maybe a weekend away with you or your spouse
  • give tickets to a sporting event
  • give tickets to a concert or play
  • give a date night with you or your spouse (movie gift certificate and a gift card to their favorite restaurant)
  • be creative what would your kid love to experience… think outside the box!

But of course, kids like other gifts too, so here’s some ideas that help you cater to your kid and not just buy whatever the latest craze is…

Getting a Tween or Teen a new Bible or book to help them grow spiritually is always a good investment!

Family Christian Stores has a great selection of Teen Bibles HERE.

Amazon has a great selection of Teen Bibles HERE.

Great for Girls:

These two books by Vicki Courtney are great for helping girls as they begin to navigate relationships in a more “grown up” way.

Can You Relate?  – This one is geared more toward tweens (10-12 years old)

Cherish – This one is geared more toward teens (13-18 years old)

Here’s some great devotional books for Girls:

My daughter who is 13 and all her friends have been passing these Annie F. Downs books around to each other all year and discussing them together! Annie has a way of writing to young girls that makes them feel like they have a new best friend…. a very wise one! Thanks Annie, these are ALL great reads!

Here are a few more faith based gifts for girls:

This is a great gift for the young girl on your list! It includes 52 cute cards to display each week as a reminder of God’s Word and as a challenge to memorize scripture!

Dayspring has a great collection of inspirational jewelry some for as low as $10.

The Sadie Robertson “Live Original” line has some great options for tween & teen girls.

For the Memory Maker Girl:

This is a hot item for tween and teen girls. My daughter has one, she takes pics & decorates her room & locker with them.

These List books are great for kids who want to record their hope and dreams!

Is your girl an Instagram lover? This cool printer allows her to print pics from the app.

Here’s some great journals for her to record all her thoughts!

Great for Boys:

Here’s some bible, devotional and book ideas for those tough tween/teen boys…

Cool gifts for your boy who likes to be outside:

Shop Now! Jetts DLX - Lighted wheels and sparking action by Razor! Now available!

Razor consistently provides great outdoor toys for younger and older ones alike… For older boys their Ripstik Electric or their Jetts DLX with Lighted wheels and sparking action are cool options.

Do you have a kid who loves soccer? This net will provide hours of practice and training.

This outdoor game is a hit with tween and teen boys in the backyard!

Great for All Tweens/Teens:

For the Adventurous Outdoor Kid:

  • This Hammock by ENO is lightweight and portable for hiking, camping trips to the park or in the backyard. It can be quickly secured to trees, poles or any permanent structure.
  • This summer at middle & high school camp, both girls and boys had these hammocks hanging everywhere, they are a hot item right now!
  • Be sure you also get the suspension straps for the hammock, they aren’t typically included.

Here’s a few other fun things for your adventurer…

These Kavu bags come in many styles and colors for girls and boys!

These Camelbak water bottles are great for school or outdoor adventures and come in lots of cool colors.

These Camelbak Hydration Backpacks are great for kids who like to hike, go on nature walks or camping. They hold up to 2 L of water!

For your Music Lover:

The idea of playing vintage (or new) vinyls on a turntable is a new hit with teens. These Crosleys are great for a cheap option.

Whether it’s new vinyl like Twenty One Pilots… or vintage vinyl like the Beatles… there’s lots of options for your music lover!

These list books are fun and this one is especially fun for music lovers!

You could also try a pair of wireless headphones or a bluetooth speaker!

Harry Potter Fans:

For die-hard HP fans, consider some cool room decor, collectibles or clothing

Star Wars Fans:

For die-hard Star Wars fans, consider some cool room decor, collectibles or clothing

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Do you have any unique gift ideas for tweens and teens? Share in the comments below, help us out!!



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