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Ok friends, I’m on a mission this summer… my kids WILL learn to clean if it’s the last thing to do. Now hear me when I say that I am not a stickler for a perfectly clean house, that’s just not how we roll. I do however want to raise children who don’t live like complete slobs and let’s be honest I would like some help around the house!

There is an “art” to teaching your kids to clean.

It doesn’t just happen by telling them to clean their room, you have to be intentional in teaching them. So here’s the tool I’m planning to use this summer to help my kids learn to clean…

Teaching Kids to Clean

It’s actually a great little resource with actual “lesson plans” so you can approach it with the heart of a teacher, rather than as mom and I feel like the author is trying to make it fun as well. For only $5.00, you receive a printable PDF with a step by step plan to teach your children how to clean.

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Here’s a few things that work for our family:
  • Keep a bin under their bathroom sink with cleaning supplies in it.
  • Make it easy for them to clean.
    • For wiping down the bathroom counter and outside of toilet, we use disposable wipes.
    • I also keep one of these by each toilet.
    • For dusting their rooms & blinds, they use these handy dusters. They make dusting fun.
    • For windows & mirrors, we love The Basic Package from Norwex. No cleaning products needed, just water. They are a little pricey and you have to order through a consultant, but we use them almost everyday & they do an amazing job cleaning glass! For a cheaper option, you might want to try these.


I believe the biggest issue when it comes to helping children learn to clean is that we don’t actually take the time to be intentional in TEACHING them to do it. I’m totally guilty of this…it does take more effort then just saying “Go clean your room”, but I think it’s so worth our time to teach them how to do it properly. The catch is that you have to let go of the expectations that it will be done in the way YOU would do it. The goal is not perfection, the goal is to start the learning process that will hopefully lead to them leaving your house with the skills needed to be a responsible adult 🙂

**This post contains affiliate links. See our disclosure policy for more details.

What works in your house? Share your tips for teaching kids to clean in the comments below.



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