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Present Over Perfect: Leaving Behind Frantic for a Simpler, More Soulful Way of Living



Each post below contains a video discussion of that section and some thoughts & reflection questions, so you can read at your own pace & follow along, please feel free to add comments on each post sharing what God is teaching you through the book.

Present over Perfect – Part 6

So here we are at the end of this journey with Shauna and I find myself sad that this book is over, but hopeful for what is ahead as I begin to truly strive to be present in my life! Here's the video discussion of this week's section:   Throwing Candy In this chapter,...

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Present over Perfect – Parts 4 & 5

Ok here we are week three of our book club on Shauna Niequist's "Present over Perfect"! This week I feel like Shauna is moving us into how this kind of living actually looks as we live it out. So these parts read a little more like her personal memoir and we get a...

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Present over Perfect – Parts 2 & 3

As I jumped into Parts 2 & 3 this week, I was almost scared to pick this book back up because Part 1 had such a profound effect on me! I could physically feel God stirring things inside me and to be honest I wasn't sure I wanted any more stirring... but alas I picked...

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Present over Perfect – Part 1

As I open this book, I have a feeling that it's about to rock my world... boy was I right! I shared my thoughts about Part One, take a listen below: Below are some thoughts & reflection questions to process from Part One of this book. Foreward The foreward of this...

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