Parenting in an Election Year

Parenting in an election year is particularly challenging right now. It’s difficult for our kids to escape all the negativity surrounding this year’s race. I am not one to typically write a political post or even be particularly passionate about politics, but really this is a parenting post and I am passionate about being intentional in parenting.

I guess by now you have probably heard about the infamous tape of one of our presidential candidates making insulting remarks about women. My hope is that news like this pushes us as parents to realize that we are raising the next generation of men and women. This means that we have an incredibly important part to play in changing this culture for our country’s future.

My wise friend posted this on Facebook this week…“I am incredibly, incredibly grateful to be married to a man who values me as his intellectual, emotional, and spiritual equal. Clearly I want to raise a strong, confident daughter who expects as much. But I am so hopeful to raise men who understand that women are not just bodies to be used for their pleasure; and maybe as importantly, who live with a moral mandate to not encourage or even silently tolerate other jokers who think women are just play things. Speak. Up.”

I also just finished reading Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton… she tackles lots of hard subjects like addiction, eating disorders, marriage & sex. While I don’t agree with everything in the book, she was RIGHT ON in the last chapter as she talked with her daughters about what it means to be “sexy”. I read this section to my teenage daughter and when my son gets a little older I will read it to him as well.

Here’s what Glennon said to her daughters, “I think sexy is good. It’s just that most people are confused about what it means. A sexy woman knows herself and she likes the way she looks, thinks and feels. She knows she’s just human–exactly how God made her and that’s good enough. Those commercials you see are stories they’ve written to convince us that sexy is the car or mascara or hair spray or diet they’re selling. We buy their stuff [ . . . ] and shake our hips the way they tell us to–but it doesn’t get us love, because none of that is real sexiness. You can’t buy sexy, you have to become sexy through a lifetime of learning to love who God made you to be and learning who God made someone else to be.”

As parents, we are raising the kids that will become the influencers and leaders of our future. The values that we instill in them now have a huge impact on what they believe as adults and how they will impact the world.

Here is some of the parenting wisdom we can learn from our presidential candidates this year:

  • May we teach our children to be honest, ethical people that value the truth above all else.

  • May we teach our daughters that they are not objects to be had.

  • May we teach our sons to respect women, all women, not just their women.

  • May we teach our children to stand up when they see and hear injustice against others.

  • May we teach our children that God is their final and ultimate authority.

As we move towards November, the coverage will get bigger and the voices will get louder. Parents, let’s not bury our heads in the sand and miss the opportunity to use this election as an important teaching tool. I love the tips that this post offers for talking with our kids about this year’s election.

For me, I currently land in the camp that has no idea who I will vote for this year, I will continue to educate myself on the issues and do lots of praying.

Here’s another Facebook post I saw this week from Jennie Allen:

“Here will be my singular post on the election. I am not afraid. I’ve been studying Church history and corrupt leaders come and go, there are times of prosperity and suffering, kingdoms grow and ALL fall and the Church grows more because of all of it. Of course I’m not saying I want chaos but even if the very worst happens, this is not our “city”. Augustine wrote a book called “The City of God” after the Roman Empire fell (equivalent to America falling today). He writes…… “the earthly city glories in itself, the Heavenly City glories in the Lord.” Our future city is growing and vibrant. “Cease striving and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Ps. 46:10 We are good y’all. No matter what is ahead here.”

I wholeheartedly agree with this and I think this is the best thing that we can remind our children and ourselves this fall as we head into this election.

God is still on the throne, no matter who sits in the White House.

UPDATE:  Here’s a couple of posts that have released this week, also very good reads from two people that I highly respect!

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The Scandal of Election 2016

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