We have some favorite toys around our house and I want to share them here with you! Especially when they happen to be on sale and you can get them for a steal!

Snap Circuits Electronics Discovery Kit

This circuit toy is definitely the one that all the kids get excited about when they come over! With 100’s of ways to connect and create, this one brings hours of fun to my son alone or with friends. At nearly 50% off it’s original price, you might want to grab this one for a birthday or Christmas!

This is a great beginner set, but there are many more advanced sets that are GREAT! The ones that include more fancy lights and sound are impressive!


Well, Legos are always a big hit around here, but right now we are especially into Star Wars, Creator and City sets. So when I find a deal on them, I get really excited!


Here’s a few deals worth checking out right now:

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