I am a big believer in lifetime learning! I am a learner by nature and am always eager to read or take online courses to learn. When I found Udemy, I was amazing at the vast amount of online courses they offered for FREE or a very reasonable price! They have over 40,000 courses and over 12 million students!

In our family, we have used many of the courses and loved them. I have gone through a few web design classes and some nutrition ones, my middle school daughter has done some of the art and language courses and my elementary ages son is about to start a handwriting course.


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They have courses that can help you further your career:

  • technical skills such as website coding, programming, animation, developing software, apps and video games
  • business skills such as communication, finance, legal, HR, advertising and sales
  • web skills such as email marketing, affiliate marketing, digital marketing, social media management and more
  • technology skills such as how to use your Mac, PC, and programs such as Pages, Excel, Powerpoint, Keynote, Photoshop & more
  • design skills such as web design, graphic design, interior design, game design and architecture

They have courses that can help students:

  • test taking & creative writing skills
  • critical thinking & time management skills
  • help with math, science, languages, social studies and more
  • test prep for college & grad school entry

They have courses for kids:

  • help with handwriting, reading and math
  • beginner music lessons in piano, guitar & more
  • drawing, art, cooking and sewing

They have courses for parents:

  • technology
  • photography
  • nutrition
  • parenting issues
  • homeschooling


Below I’ve highlighted a few of their courses for parents and kids that look interesting:
(I can’t personally attest to the content in all these courses as we haven’t taken all of them. Be sure to read the course descriptions and watch the previews to see if they fit your family)

For Parents:

For Younger Kids:

For Older Kids:


I can’t say enough good things about this great online learning for little ones. This program is how my son learned how to read as a 4 year old! Trust me when I say I take no credit for the fact that he was reading Harry Potter books in 2nd grade, I owe it all to ABCMouse.com! The interactive games and activities are so fun that you will have a hard time getting your child off the computer, but you will be amazed at how quickly you will see the learning translate to actually reading books on their own.

They are currently running an incredible sale… jump on it now, it will be the best $45 you spend all year.


Do you have any favorite ways to learn online?

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