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So your kid loves Roblox, so does mine! I guess as with any online game or app, our first question is about safety! So I’ll start with Roblox Safety, but really this applies to all online gaming and apps on your kids’ devices.

So is Roblox safe? The answer is NO! But unfortunately, that’s also my answer for most of the games and apps designed for kids. So the question is really bigger than is it safe. The internet and technology world is not really safe for kids at all. Online games and apps designed for children are an instant target for hackers and predators to engage with your kids.

So the question is really, do I ban all online activity, games and apps, or do I begin an ongoing dialogue with my kids about technology safety?


There are a few important things to remember as you evaluate any game or app that your child is wanting to play:


1.) Do your research. 

Don’t just blindly say yes to games and apps that your children ask for. Take the time to investigate it and what your child will encounter as they use it. Common Sense Media is a great place to start. Read their review and the parent comments to see what others are saying. Now, remember that you will always see more negative than positive on sites like this, so use wisdom in deciphering what is best for your family.

2.) Chatting with anyone you don’t actually know in a game or app is NOT safe.

This is a rule that we have about any online chatting in our house. Unless they can privately chat with a friend that they actually know in real life, there is no need for your child to be “chatting” with anyone in a game or app. They can use text or email to “chat” with their real life friends. Unfortunately most chats are definitely NOT private and typically NOT with people you actually know. This is a bigger conversation with our kids about how things seem innocent until they are NOT! Turn off the chat feature or in the case of Roblox, don’t create an actual account & login. The chat feature isn’t even available unless you sign in with an account. You can play Roblox without an account, you just can’t access all the features, which is fine by me! This is the safest way to ensure that no one will be approaching your child in Roblox with inappropriate things.

3.) Reserve the Right to Change Your Mind.

It is not a one time decision whether to allow your child access to an app or a game. We always tell our kids that we will continually evaluate this game/app and reevaluate on a regular basis whether it’s appropriate. Be aware of when & where your child is playing the game, they should be in common areas where you can monitor and not in their room with the door closed. Regularly ask your child about the game and have them show you what they are doing within the game. With Roblox in particular, we have chosen to only allow our son to play the games recommended on the front page as those are monitored more closely by Roblox for inappropriate content. Once they begin searching and getting deeper into the “user created” worlds there is no way for Roblox to monitor everything!

4.) Have a conversation about what is appropriate and make your home a safe place to talk about the things that are inappropriate.

This is the most important one! As our kids are increasingly exposed to technology and the online world, we have to be a safe place for them to have these hard conversations.

This book is also a great resource for starting the conversations about appropriate vs. inappropriate images.



children see pornThis post explains more about how to have these conversations with our kids & how to make your home a safe place.




We can have all the best monitoring in place but we still can’t protect our kids from all the world is throwing at them, so the more real conversations we can have with them to prepare them for how to be wise online, the better!



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