Managing Kids' Devices

Do you wish you could manage your kids’ app & internet use on their devices, even when you are away from them? Check out this great new resource, it’s an app called OurPact. OurPact was created by ParentsWare, an award winning tech company that’s devoted helping parents.

Managing Kids' Devices


Our family has used this app and it’s a great way to set schedules for when the kids can use their apps & the internet on their devices. What I love about this app is there is no more arguing over screen time in our house. Their apps magically disappear & reappear on their devices based on a schedule I have set. Click HERE to see what the device will look like while apps are blocked by OurPact.







You can always override schedules with the touch of a button on your phone, even if you are in a different location than your children. You can grant or block access at anytime from anywhere!

Managing Kids' Devices                Managing Kids' Devices

What OurPact CAN do:

  • It can allow you to set a schedule for your child’s app & internet use on their devices
  • It can block app & internet access remotely from anywhere, even if you are away from your child
  • It can allow you to turn access off during school hours, bedtime, chore time, dinner time and more
  • It can allow both parents to use the app to control devices
  • It can block the use of camera and FaceTime

What OurPact CANNOT do:

  • It can’t block any inappropriate content, you must use other parental controls such as restrictions for that.
  • It’s can’t turn off phone call capabilities, it only blocks apps and internet access.

There is a FREE version for one device and inexpensive monthly plans for more indepth features:




Get started with OurPact today, the basic service for one device is FREE and it’s an easy way to manage your kid’s app & internet usage! You can try the Plus or Premium plans for FREE for one week to decide which plan is best for your family. You will need to pair each of your kids’ devices manually, but the OurPact team has a great support page to walk you through the process. 


Do you have any favorite tips for managing your child’s devices? Share in the comments below!



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