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See You at the Pole – Global Day of Student Prayer

  What is See You at the Pole™? See You at the Pole™ is a student led global movement of prayer. It is typically held on the fourth Wednesday in September, usually...
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Roblox Safety

My Kid Loves Playing Roblox…is it safe?

  So your kid loves Roblox, so does mine! I guess as with any online game or app, our first question is about safety! So I'll start with Roblox Safety, but really this...
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children see porn

When They See “That” Image

 *This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy for more details. Guest Post by Starr Cliff This is a post about when your children see porn on the...
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Why You Should be a Part of the Global Women’s IF:Gathering

This post contains affiliate links. Click HERE for more details. What is the IF:Gathering? IF:Gathering was birthed in the heart of author/speaker Jennie Allen in 2007. She...
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Intentional Parenting

Being Intentional in Your Parenting

This post contains affiliate links. See our disclosure policy for more details. This is our final post in the "Live with Intention" series. Check out the other posts HERE....
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Raising America's Future

We are Raising America’s Future

Today we inaugurate a new president. Feelings, emotions and opinions are running very high in our country. There is a lot of fear surrounding our country's future. As...
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Being Intentional in Your Marriage

Being Intentional in Your Marriage

    This is our second post in our Live with Intention series.  Being intentional in your marriage when you have kids & a busy life is HARD! I will speak from...
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Being Intentional in our Relationship with Jesus

My word for 2017 is INTENTION. So with that word comes the thought of what areas I want to be more intentional in. This year, I decided relationships was a key place where I...
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new year resources

It’s a NEW Year! What will it BRING?

It's a new year and there's always talk of New Year's Resolutions. I don't do well with resolutions, they end of just being wishful thinking because I don't actually take...
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Healthy Relationship with Food

Taking Control of My Health – Food

  Several years ago, I found myself deep in panic attacks and anxiety had a tight grip on my life. I was desperate for answers and a way out! It was a long journey with...
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Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat